Memory snippets

Going out for Tapas and getting 3 slices of pumpkin on a plate, garnished with 3 whole peppercorns… What the?

London’s Indian summer! Warm temps in October whilst Orange freezes.

Attending a seminar at the Tate Modern which was 3 hours of being bored! Very bad delivery.

Clive stacking it whilst being silly in the Tate Modern, cutting his toe open on the stairs.

Neat’s iPhone comes back from the dead after being broken for nearly a month. I love you Apple, let’s never fight again.

Going to the Lion King and seeing the puppets come to life.

Neat taking hold of her fear of everything and getting on the London Eye.

Clive nearly being hit by a van whilst demonstrating to Holly how to cross the road in London safely.

Being woken at 4am by strange Germans wanting a key as they discovered they were locked in the house. They were surprised that we were asleep…in our beds…at 4am…!

Clive falls over in slow motion at the Crypt of St Pauls Cathedral.

Neat nearly fainting on the Whispering Gallery at St Paul’s Cathedral due to fear of heights.

Neat having a physical reaction from her fear of heights when coming across the London Eye.

Being at the top of the Eiffel Tower, Neat shaking like a leaf but loving every minute of it. Champagne bar at the top 10euro a glass….maybe next time. (Take that heights – Neat 1, Heights 2.) Also Neat spouting out when she reached the top “There’s nothing romantic about this!”

Finding the grave of a vampire at Dent. You can see the hole they drove the stake through the cement and into the old man vampire.

Anita slips on a whole gherkin whilst walking along the Champs Elysees. Who knows why there was a whole gherkin on the ground.

Fantastic spanish salami from the market near the Eiffel Tower.

The sunset at the Eiffel Tower.

Neat spending the last of her money on a shopping spree in Paris.

Winding through the roads at Dorset and Wiltshire.

Neat’s Ploughman’s lunch discovery in London with Jane and Clive.

The blackness of the Loch Ness.

Hearing about Hol and Jol’s engagement then getting to see a video of it.

Laughing with Age at Russell Square after she called and said if your too busy to catch up in London is okay I’ll go buy a sleeping bag.

Sleeping in the car outside of Bath on the hillside and seeing our first stars and moon in the Northern Hemisphere.

Being tossed around in the ferry on the way back from the Orkney Isles and Neat just wanted to eat local cheese and crackers.

Feeling pleased with ourselves by ordering or meals in french at Curiosa Bar. We even knew what it was thanks to our handy food index.

Seeing penguins at the London Sea Life Aquarium that were in a room with a pool, plastic icebergs and no natural light. Yes I am sure this is EXACTLY like their natural environment.

Clive setting fire to our tent at Lee Valley, London.

Clive and Neat getting hair cuts in Paris with the hairdressers knowing little to no english.

Clive buying Indian for 2 which fed us for 2 days.

Discovering 2litres of Jameson’s for 18pound and not buying it as we had too much to carry already.

Seeing Yves Klein Blue artworks.

Staying with Tony and Pru in their Parisian apartment.

Clive getting a job at a pub and moving in above it. He definitely is Marshall from How I Met Your Mother.

Lighting a penny candle for each of our families and friends and then nearly bursting out in tears, standing alone. But I was in St Paul’s Cathedral it was all a bit overwhelming.

Neat in July 2011

Neat in July 2011

Clive in July 2011 with his stash from M&M World, London

Clive in July 2011 with his stash from M&M World, London


3 thoughts on “Memory snippets”

  1. love your snippets

    • We thought it was a nice touch. Good for giggles. Clive works all tomorrow night and day. So I’ll do a bit more blogging and perhaps a gallery. Also have to make a few more movies with my footage.

  2. These are great! Laughing away whilst reading them.

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