Who we are….

We are a couple about to embark on our first over seas trip. Well we doubt it should be classed as a trip….it would be more like running away. Our destination UK and Europe. In this blog we will take you on the adventures that we are having through posts, photos and video.Clive is 25 and he is a wannabe writer, rugby player and tin whistle musician. (the latter is only one of the many annoying skills/talents he has). Neat is 30 and I guess you could say is a jack of all creative trades. I am an enthusiastic artist, video editor, motion graphics artist, ex-tea business owner, temporary bar wench and “wanna-be” celebrity in a very lazy way. We hope you enjoy this blog and follow us on our way to the UK and Europe.


6 thoughts on “Who we are….”

  1. Shane and Vicki Hanlon said:

    Gidday from the Southern part of the planet.
    Shane and I just caught up on your travels, we obviously had better weather than you this time last year.
    The daylight forever is amazing and thanks to jet lag that doesnt matter when you need to sleep.
    It is good to hear you met Fran and Mick. They must be at Glastonbury this weekend.
    You two crazy travelers are going to have the best time.
    Jack the Ripper tour would have been great, we didn’t make time for that, maybe next time…..

    Hey Neat, from someone who is also freaked out by high places, I would recommend pushing your limits – as a much older person, the more I did the more exhilarating it became. Think about all the things you have survived and hang on to Clive and just do it, you are young and have invested so much you can do whatever you want. I’ve sat back and cried like you and tried not to have regrets.

    Get your tickets early, avoid the long lines like you mentioned, think and talk about everything except what you are about to do, Think of the great photos you can capture Qi gong, (abdominal breathing) really helps with positive self talk, Shane was very understanding but there are some things you need to experience together to share the dream come true.

    Wishing you all the best the universe can provide,
    We have great faith in the’ Lady and Tramp.’

    love Vicki and Shane

    • Yes you’re right I should be a bit tougher. I thought I was being tough at St Pauls.
      We are having a great time and are excited about Edinburgh tomorrow. Hopefully going to Alnwick in a few weeks to get some stuff for Nana.

  2. Dear Clive,

    It is my intention for the remainder of the Tri-Nations and World Cup to send you every score as it happens to ruin your viewing pleasures.

    Dear Neat,

    Hope all is well.

    Keep the updates coming, good reads.

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