I forgot to mention a great find we came across on our travels. It was the Rosslyn Chapel. More famously known for its appearance in the Davinci Code movie, it is probably one of the best chapels I have come across and Clive and I have visited quite a few. It is not very big and it is not dripping in gold but the decorative qualities of the chapel are amazing.

It is very hard to paint the picture for you so I have provided a link here.

They are currently restoring the exterior of the chapel so it was surrounded with some scaffolding but you could still see the architecture easily as it was not all covered up.

Within the chapel there are 213 boxes that protrude from the walls, amongst the other sculptural items. They have managed to cipher this into music notes. It might make more sense to you if you look at this youtube video of it… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cy2Dg-ncWoY

Throughout the chapel there are lots of Green Man faces which are wonderful. I have found some information about these on wiki here.

There are 2 very ornate pillars in the Chapel. One was created but the Master Masons and the Apprentice. They are referred to as a the Master Pillar and the Apprentice Pillar. The Master Mason created the first and had to leave for a while so the Apprentice was left to work on the pillars, he was creating one of his own. He had a vision in his dream and set out to create the vision. It was so wonderful that upon the return of the Master Mason he flew into a fit of jealousy and clobbered the Apprentice in the head and killed him. Both pillars were erected and there are 3 faces in the chapel looking upon the pillars, one of the Apprentice, depicted by the cut on his forehead with the face of his mourning mother next to him and then there is the Master Mason who is looked upon by the mourning mother and it facing the Apprentice Pillar as a punishment of what he did. I thought this was pretty cool.

There is a crypt to the side and down some stairs of the Chapel and they have not found the body of Christ there and there is meant to be some Knights buried below the Chapel all in a final resting place together, however this will never be confirmed as it belongs to a family and they have refused that they are ever to be exhumed or explored.

So if you ever find yourself driving around Scotland make sure you make your way here. It was one of the best finds!