I believe after Scotland we headed to the Lake District (I may have this out of order as I have slackened off on my entries). The Lake District took us on a wonderful journey. Clive had once again booked us some fabulous accommodation at the Kings Head. It was a wonderfully old pub surrounded by green valleys and sheep. No badgers. We all had great accommodation however they like to jam toilets in the smallest places. Our ensuite had a toilet that faced the side wall of the shower with only 5 inches from the edge of the seat, smaller than the space on a budget airline.

We dined downstairs for a fabulous meal. We had the whole dining room to ourselves. It was wonderful. The meal was superb. Many ramblers were checking in and staying there.

The following morning were refreshed and head to Windermere (?). We came to the town of Beatrix Potter but they only had a gallery of ther images so we found out where her old house was and still stands. I believe she bought up a third of the Lake District and it all still runs as working farms and no development is allowed. What a great woman. Her old homestead is open for visitors and it is kept as she would of had it with a great treasure trove of nic nacs and art. The garden is the same as the books and there were lots of rabbits in the yard. There is an new-ish extension on her homestead that is the residence for the managers of the farm as it is still in operation. What a great legacy she left. The region was gorgeous. We went for a big walk around a Lake too and it was inspiring. The rolls hills, the winding roads and the trickling of streams just takes your breath away. It reminded me of the Wicklow National Park in Ireland. We loved this place so much we even helped the local council by getting a parking ticket (5 minutes over due on moving it!). We stopped at a gorgeous cafe and had huge pieces of cake and some lovely tea. 

I strolled off to a small art and craft opening whilst everyone, except Doug, bought new jackets at a camping store after I was boasting the wonders of my Gortex jacket. We looked like the ultimate tourists as the professional hikers and ramblers in the area were not wearing these with jeans and joggers.

The whole place was gorgeous. It really is overwhelming when you travel and see so many amazing places but when you see amazing places created by nature you really get dizzy. We were also given a picnic rug from Caro bought from the local National Trust store, as I write now it is across my lap as it is so cold and I need all the layers I can gather.

The Lake District is probably one place everyone should visit if you make your way to England.