On our way to Edinburgh we made a quick detour to the Craw Inn, which is located in Auchencrow in the Scottish Borders. Clive and I discovered this on our last trip to Scotland and it is such a sweet place we decided to show everyone, plus because of the name. It is not based from a group of Craws but a group of Crows. Still it is a great place. We also popped over to Peebles as this is a place that I have tracked some family history too. We went for a walk in the town and then we had a wonderful lunch there too. I wish I had tracked some more of the family history to be able to locate a headstone or something when we visited the cemetery but we did come across the headstone for my great great grandfathers headstone, Thomas Reid.

We also slopped through a cemetery next to the local sewerage works….no Craws or Reid there but I managed to tangle myself in a few stinging nettles.


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