After Harrogate and the Romney sheep we headed to York for the day.

This was our 3rd time there but the first time for the Craws and I think the Sisleys although Caro might of been there is 1975.

We visited the York Minster. It is always a great place to go. Everyone did the tower tour except for me. I was feeling a bit tired and heights are scary for me so with lack of sleep I probably would of freaked out….as my mother did.

We wandered the streets and found a hard time to find a place for lunch until we wandered down a small passage and found a lovely place. I ordered a glass of bubbly with lunch and straight away Mum and Caro did too.

That afternoon was had a big drive to go to head to Edinburgh. We had already booked the accommodation so we had to get there. Edinburgh is always nice but I don’t think it showcased as much as she could on this visit. We stayed at the same digs Clive and I stayed the year before, unfortunately it had gotten quite run down, but for $20 a night it was decent enough and it was located at the base of the castle. After checking in and getting some dinner we settled down for the night. The next day we went to the Castle but this was after the biggest bowl of porridge EVER at a nearby cafe which was a great find by Caro. It also had very decent coffee ( a rarity in the UK). The castle is beautiful.

We then went shopping. Doug was looking at Kilts and mum was buying a gift for all of Australia. We walked the streets and then after being worn out we went back to our flat to get ready for dinner. We had a nice dinner and Clive and I had Haggis. I must say I like it. It is very meaty and filling with a strong flavour. After this we went hunting for some live music. We stopped at one place and the music was starting an hour after it was meant to so we walked along and found a bar nearby our flat that had so great live music and we knew the words to. We sang and Clive basically did a whiskey tasting experience with Doug. After many drinks were had and our voices were hoarse we called it a night as we had more to see the next day and were planning to drive to Glasgow. At this point I realised how much we were packing into our short trip and how little time we got to experience it. Alan shopped for tweed and Doug couldn’t miss out and got himself a satchel. Satchels are great, Clive uses one everyday when he is out an about and it stops him loading up my handbag.

The weather was turning cold. There were signs up that bad weather was expected, this was actually flooding. We managed to always be a day ahead of the flooding. We went to  a great gallery there called the Burrell Collection. It was great, I think Caro went there in 1975. It was in a wood land just on the outskirts of Glasgow. Glasgow city centre is very nice but the rest is very industrial, but I guess the same is for most cities.

We saw a Sisley painting and got a photo of Sisleys with a Sisley. It was such an extensive collection it was hard to see it all and take it all in. We were staying that evening at a place called Hamilton. (Clive was born in Hamilton, VIC) we stayed at decent accommodation and had a wine and cheese evening. Alan and I bought a tidy range of cheeses at Edinburgh. It is always good to have stinky cheese in the car on road trips. We had mild to sharp cheese. The cheese was so good and the beds were so comfy that we all had a very good nights sleep after roughing it in Edinburgh. The rain was coming in and was good to be high and dry.

The next morning we had Haggis for breakfast and Clive and I went for a walk in the rain to pretend we were Scottish. We were making our way to Liverpool via the Lake District. We had to stop at a hospital as I forgot my insulin, you would think a diabetic of 10 years it would be the first thing to pack. Glasgow hospital was so great. I was in and out in 30 minutes. AThey have a diabetes centre there, I walked in was see to straight away, after a quite call to my diabetic nurse in London and I was done! Top work NHS!!!

Anyway here is a slideshow of images ( I am sorry for the lack of detail but if you would like to know more contact my mother who keep a journal as we travelled with an immense amount of detail).

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