Clive parents arrived safe and sound in London. It was all very exciting waiting for them at Heathrow airport. Once collected we all headed back into London and they embarked on some sightseeing and took on the Clive Sisley Walking Tour (Always a great choice to cover great aspects of London). Following this we were due to collect my parents from the train station as they were just coming back from their tour of Italy and France.

I collected them with a MASSIVE amount of luggage, seriously these guys can shop, and we headed home to our place. I had previously collected the van from the outskirts of London ready for the next day. Mum did laundry, we drank wine….it went something like that. Our house was extremely overloaded for the evening and we had to grab a bed anywhere we could.

We set off from London at 6:30-7am as I wanted to get a jump on the traffic as we were crossing London. We headed south west to Romney Marsh. Why Romney Marsh? Well it is the home of Clive’s great, great, great (?) relatives who were smugglers as it is a handy location across to Europe. We believed they were smugglers of brandy or the most putrid smelling sheep we have every sniffed. I should know I often wander the outskirts of the city sniffing sheep.

We stopped at a cemetery and thought we would see if there was any Sisley’s, nope. We stopped at another and BINGO. Clive found the head stone for Francis Sisley, for this he won $50.


This was such a great find. Following this we drove around the area. Without going into too much detail, this was the nicest and exciting part of the region.

Since Romney Marsh was a last minute addition to the trip we had already booked accommodation in Harrogate. Harrogate is about 4 hours north of London, near York (York was booked out).

Harrogate – What a gorgeous place. I love York but Harrogate is so much more special. We had a lovely place to stay and went for a fantastic meal too. We wish we had more time there and not just the evening.

Clive and I managed to luck out on the accommodation and got the small room. But we didn’t care it was great!


Here are some shots….

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