Not long until we receive The Tramps parents in London. We are looking forward to it and both working flat out to make sure we can have a nice and relaxing time with them and with The Lady’s parents as well.

We have realised that there will be 12 people staying in our small home on the eve of our departure for bonnie Scotland. Although the space will be limited we don’t care as it will just be fun and full of life.

Tonight I am spending my Saturday night at home catching up on work and a bit of movie time. The Tramp made me laugh today as he got a haircut, from the same place he got his previous haircut from and didn’t like…..we walked out and he was sad because he hated the hair cut. We are pretty sure the woman who cut his hair is not an actual qualified hairdresser. We also wandered the markets and shops and found a fabulous place for Moroccan tea glasses. We will be buying a few sets before we depart the UK. Eek!

We had dinner at a friends place last night after a very stressful day at work for me. It was such a nice evening, good food, good wine and good friends.