Although this post is not about the adventures of the lady and the tramp… Just got word from the craws on their trip through the wonderful land of Italy….
Currently in Venice, they stepped out of their restaurant and doogal ( my father) broke out into an impromptu rendition of ‘Singing in the Rain’. The boards were down for the encroaching waters and there were nearby steps, (obviously there were nearby steps too!) so Doogal let fly! He was also very able to do so after his recent hip operation. A moment that I think my mother will remember forever and also many other tourists on their Globus tour. I think at this moment my rents pinched themselves and realised they were living the dream.

On another note… I have been tracing the Craw history and my great, great, great grandfather was taken to court for murder. He was a gamekeeper for the Earl of Home and had set a poachers trap. This is basically a shot gun with a trip wire or a monster rabbit trap. On this occurrence it was a shot gun. John Guthrie tried to hunt on the Earls estate and was shot. He died later from the wounds. It was classed as ‘Unproven’ due to the fact that James Craw was under instruction from the Earl to protect the estate and it’s game and Guthrie was entering the Estate with ill-intent. This was in the 1800’s the Craws continued to be the Gamekeeper’s for quite a few more years. The Earl of Home was later neglected, craws moved to Australia but now the estate had been maintained and divided also being called the estate of Douglas.