The warm weather has arrived again and it came with my parents. Thats right the Craws are on tour for their very first overseas trip. They have been to Norfolk Island but seriously that does not count!

My parents worked way too much and long before they left. Trying to get everything done and to make sure behind the shed was clean (family joke).

I arrived at Heathrow airport at 6am to pick them up as they landed at 5:18am (12 mins early), I thought I would be too early as it has always taken Clive and I 1-2 hours to get through customs/security at the airport. I was anxiously waiting for them, jumping every time the doors opened. Next minute I see these two lost souls, with luggage so big they look like they have smuggled a small family into England, and they seemed to be starting to make a dash for the door to leave the terminal. Yes, it was them.

I ran over and hugged them and they were quite shocked and surprised. They seemed fresh and excited to be here, except the coffee was too milky and dad was pumped about free pens at the change over in Singapore Airport. They also highly recommend sleeping pills and alcohol, they smashed out 3 hours sleep between Singapore and London.

We took a 50 pound cab to our place with half of Hadrian’s Wall (their luggage). It was only 7am. I was showered with gifts, lollies and toilet paper ( I must talk a lot of s$%t).

We wandered off to breakfast, they both enjoyed their black pudding (congealed blood and bread crumbs). Mum kicked up a stink because they served her English Breakfast and not Earl Grey. Afterwards we took a bus to the city. Clive did his usual tour guide and then we went for ales. Being with them it seemed like nothing had changed.

Dad took photos of every squirrel he saw and one shit pigeon, Mum loved looking at Buckingham Palace. Clive ate ice cream. We kept them going as we didn’t want them to sleep until a decent time to help with the adjustment. Australia is currently 9 hours int he future and they had been travelling for 24 hours. I believe we crashed at 10pm.

The following day we went to the markets to buy a fat pig. Actually, we went to Portobello Road markets, which they thoroughly enjoyed. We were playing to go to St Paul’s in the afternoon, but the day got away from us and we were going to a show at the theatre that evening.

We went and saw Spamalot, Monty Python’s hilarious version of their movie. This was at the Harold Pinter Theatre in the West End. Our seats were in the top balcony so we had a slight restriction on our view but it was the 3rd last night of it showing. Another day down and feeling very tired. The weather was very warm and it was also getting the better of us.

The following day we went and saw the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace, followed by a boat ride down the Thames to the Tower of London. We then had a pub dinner at The Minories and did a Jack the Ripper Tour. It was a very, very, very full day.

The following day we realised we need to take it easy as they were off to Roma in the morning. We spent the day at the British Museum. Clive and I had to split up, one of us keeping an eye out for each parental unit. The British Museum and we find it quite easy to get lost in.

Doug was in awe of everything and unfortunately we had to speed him through a few rooms. I have been there 5 times now and each time I have spent 3-4 hours in there and still have not seen everything. Mum was wearing out a bit due to such a whirlwind of events. Doug was still happy about his free pen at Singapore. Clive bought a board game that I know my sister-in-law cannot wait to play (sorry another family joke) , it is Shakespeare’s Bard Game which we haven’t played yet here, but I hope to crack it out on the weekend. We then spirited down to get a mobile phone for my parents so they can contact me from Roma. (For family please msg me if you want or need their digits)

After this we went to the pub and had a traditional english roast. This was a very full day and Dad just figured out that Ale is full strength beer and he was drinking pints not Schooners. So a good nights rest was in order.

This may seem like a smashed out itinerary of events but we did so much it is hard to remember and describe it all. So here is a heap of photos…

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