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Hello everyone. I am hearing many stories of the coldness back home. How it has been a terrible winter, etc, etc. Meanwhile, flash across the globe to London and we have had a week in the 20’s. It is predicted that tomorrow (Saturday) will be 30-31 degrees. London may explode if it gets that hot here. I am loving this piece of summer we have here. Hopefully it will stay around for our visit from the folks.

We are currently playing some more trips too. We are looking at a Egyptian adventure in late January. 10 days which also includes a cruise down the Nile River. We are also seeing if we can stretch the budget to do a 15 day tour of Europe, this start in Rome, go through Austria, Czech Republic, Germany and finish in Amsterdam-age.

We would love to go to Jordan when we are in Egypt, which we can do on one of the tours but it is a bit of financial stretch for us, but as always we will probably manage it someway or another.

So while all these things are rolling through our minds we also have the Notting Hill Carnival just over a week away. Basically all of Notting Hill is taken over with people dancing and wearing costumes having a great time….but I am getting the hint that it be more like a massive crowd with a healthy mix of seedy characters and youths trying to pick pocket, lots of drugs and vomit under feet. Does that make me sound old? It does, doesn’t it? I just don’t like massive crowds. Plus whenever I speak to a local I hear that they pack up and leave for the long weekend, so I think that is a big hint. The area that it runs cuts off a block from my house. We also have to bring photo id and proof of address to save any hassles with the police. They stop people wandering in the residential areas to ensure the locals are not getting robbed or harassed.

Hmmm, so that is enough of me blabbing on. I am off to enjoy the sunshine! Oh, also tomorrow we are heading to the Kew Gardens in Richmond, which is also near Queen Charlottes cottage. Queen Charlottes cottage was the location for the first Kangaroo’s brought to Britain, but later the area was turned into a flower bed. No mention on what happened to the Kangaroos.