I am coming to the realisation that we should of booked 2 summer holidays.
We went to Majorca and everyone I run into or eavesdrop on is about to head off on a summer holiday and normally their second break.
I am currently waiting at the beautician to have hot wax poured on my legs and the hair pulled out from the the roots whilst ladies with posh accents are getting pedicures discussing the colour like it is the end of the world. They are trying to match their pedicures to their bikinis they have packed.
I just want to be able to wear shorts in public without being heckled.

Anyway, so we are trying to get in contact with Clive’s friend in Sweden as was can get flights to Sweden for £40 return, the first weekend in September. It is too tempting and must be done!
So this weekend, we do nothing. I roll around in shorts and try to create a braking system on my fan-dangle pushie and next weekend is a long weekend and carnivale in Notting Hill, party time then the following weekend we are hoping to duck to Sweden! Fun times ahead.
Oh, I must go darlings the ladies have finished their pedicure an now have to meet Sally and Sarah and Alice for scones, so this means I can get slapped with wax and soon don my shorts. Xx