The Olympics have been on for a week or so. London has become a bit quiet. I live in the west and the Olympics are in the east… So not many people here.
We have been following as much as possible. The Bolt was great to watch as they just all show off. My cousin has gone and seen a few sports, even got on Channel 9 back home.
I must say that I am not that excited. Most of the tv time is for the Brits and our landlord likes to ask many questions during the events and eat bananas or yogurts loudly.
I am excited about my September holidays and seeing my parents and Clive’s parents. Most things are booked and organised. With family coming it makes me realise how long we have been away. Also how much I miss them. I am torn between a few things. Do we go home after Christmas and leave 5mths before our visa expires or do we stay until the end. There is still a lot of travel to do. But I do know that it will only be a little while until we come back for more travel. Travelling is fun, living in London isn’t. What to do, what to do?! I think I know what I should do and want to do is the same answer. I think I want to head back. Family is very important especially with nieces and nephews growing up and friends who you miss. I think it is time to get a decision made. I am so hopeless that once my parents visit and then leave I will want to go home. I would like to do a 6 week tour of Europe and see more but we cannot managed to financially squeeze this out whilst we are here. We will be able to squeeze out a 3week trip on the way home. So maybe I should focus on that… Maybe? Thoughts anyone? Also saying that uk offer lots of good paying jobs and earn it why you can is a lie, so rule that out. Economy change from 2008 makes this very true.