Once we arrived back from our magical time in Ireland we were faced with the reality of city life, confined spaces and crowded venues.
We arrived home an one of our goldfish had died, probably as Aston as we left as it was rotting belly up in the tank facing the only sun around. The stench was horrific. I believe this made it harder to stay. We cleaned the mess, unpacked out bags as we watched the remaining gold fish, Lily, swim upside down. She still does.
The weather has turned it was once again cold and grey, no rolling green hills of Ireland.

It is interesting to think you can be in one of the biggest cities in the world and still feel out of place. Once we scrimped through another week we decided to book a holiday to help keep our spirits high.
We have booked to go to Majorca in Spain for a beach holiday in July. This keeps our sanity as it helps us focus on lasting a few more months.

After the grey mood vanished we had a long weekend in front of us. Unfortunately Clive had to work an I tried to relax…. Tried to. I made a small Easter trail of chocolates for Clive and guts out in chocolate myself. I was back in work mode, full swing but I had also discovered acupuncture and it was a new addiction I had succumbed to.
We had also seen Eliza Carthy played at the Tabernacle, a local haunt for the artistic and local community. It is a wonderful place that has a bar, restaurant, gallery and theatre space. Clive got to meet Eliza afterwards and shared a drink with her and an intimate conversation.
It is nice to be in London when you escape the everyday and find yourself.
I have placed some pictures below for everyone….