We headed from Limerick to the last destination of our mini break in Ireland. We were heading to Glendalough which is located in the County of Wicklow which is also home to the Wicklow National Park. This area of Ireland is so surreal and breath taking that I feel I cannot find enough words in my vocabulary to describe it. Luckily we took a bucket load of pictures.

On our way to Glendalough we drove through some amazing countryside and passed through a town called Hollywood, they even had the big hollywood letters up on the hill. We were staying as a small bed and breakfast which was conveniently located 250 metres from the towns only pub. We arrived and felt completely at home. We had already picked up some Baileys and we had a deck of trendy cards from the Guinness Store House in Dublin. So after we checked in we relaxed in the garden with our supplies. You are thinking, outside relaxing in Ireland, wouldn’t it be too cold? No it was perfect weather we had 18 degrees which was a scorchers for the locals but suited our Aussie hearts to a tee.

We planned to go on a hike. A hike indeed it was. We walked the top ridges of the landscape and it took a few hours, mostly because we kept stopping to take photos. The water that is housed within the ridges is the very water that is used to create Guinness. The water is amazingly fresh as we sampled it as it has taken hundreds of years to trickle down through the rocks and minerals. The area was home to a monk called Kevin. Seriously! The ruins of the monastery still exist today. St Kevin lived a life of isolation for his beliefs and there is an area called St Kevin’s bed which I believe he hung out for 7 years, the locals used to do trips for tourist to the bed as it is only accessible by boat. This no longer happens to help protect the area. Kevin became very popular so the monastic city was created by other monk groupies who wanted to live and learn from Kev.

Here is a link if you want to know more… Kevin of Glendalough, St Kevin’s Bed

Ok now for the photos…


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