Today was a special day it was Clive’s birthday. Eeek! We were both very excited and Clive had also discovered that Andy Irvine was playing in Limerick. So with tickets in hand with headed to Limerick, as that was the location of the gig.

We decided to leave Dublin reasonable early and after only one tantrum from moi we were on the open road. We decided to drive via Galway. Galway had been recommended to us many timesa nd we are glad we got to have a glimpse of this special place. Did you know t was the home of the Claddagh Ring…well the sign on a wall there told us so…. We also stopped for a quick pint of Guinness, as anyone driving does.
We fanged the Golf to the Cliffs of Moher which is magnificent. We wish we spent more time hiking the head lands. I cannot describe this so you will have to look at the pictures below. We drove the west coast and there are cottages on the water that ooze, “writers retreat”, a spectacular area.

It was a spectaularly windy day and yet it did not spoil a thing for us. I have added a load of photos at the bottom of this entry for everyone….

From Galway to Limerick we were in awe of the country’s breath taking landscape, yet we pushed on to Limerick. We were due to see Andy Irvine at Dolans’ which is a renowned place for gigs in Limerick. Did you know that Limerick’s nick name is Stab City. We came in to Limerick thinking we had booked accommodation in the heart but we didn’t. You know how there are crap travelodge’s on the outskirts of a town and you think why would anyone want to stay there if they were not a trucker….well that’s where we satyed. It also had an american themed diner attached to it that charged Clive 7 euro for a hot dog that was very ordinary.
We already had our tickets for Andy and we got a cab to the city. We also got there early to have dinner.
I had smuggled a birthday candle in my bag for Clive’s dessert. It may of only been us two but I was going to ensure he could make a wish and feel special.
We had some pints a massive amount of red meat followed by cake with a dinosaur candle. I had the staff pop it on top. They were lovely.
Andy Irvine was very entertaining. We sat at the front and it was in an intimate space. Andy had a stalker who sat at the front and glared at him all night then locked herself in the toilets during the break, the men’s toilets just so he couldn’t use them.
He also dedicated a song to us since we were Australian and Clive’s birthday. Afterwards Clive bought a CD and gushed like a school girl.

The next day we headed to the Wicklow National Park to spend some time at Glendalough, it’s just a bit past Hollywood……