So once I had got back from my trip to Paris I then took a work trip to Florida, West Palm Beach to be precise. 

The flight was long to Miami airport, which is something out of a tacky american movie. Customs took 2 hours as they are completely paranoid and anyone who did not look white enough was taken to a separate line. They kept announcing if you are a US resident to go to the available counters as there was no line, then they opened it up for Canadians too. Which was amusing.  We had to get a hire car as the airport is 70miles from West Palm Beach. We then had to get a weird shuttle to car area. Once we picked up our ride my boss and I drove a lot of cement paths to where we were staying. The conference I was staying at was called The Breakers which is kind of a big deal. The area was owned by a casino owner in the 40’s and when he passed the condition was that it be opened up as a resort and parkland was not to be sold off for development, so it is surrounded by a golf course and has it’s own private beach, which I crashed, but I will get to that.

We stayed around the corner is very nice rooms. My boss thought it was still too daggy, I love it that he likes quality as Clive and I normally stay in rooms with clapped out beds and a barely working ensuite.

So when we arrived we were both very very tired and decided to go for dinner. We walked around the corner and it was a balmy 25degrees. The restaurant turned into a dance spot and there were lots of drunk people who were all in designer and on spring break. It was amusing for me as it was again like a scene in a cheesy american movie.

The next day we were up at 7am for the conference. A lot of the people who I was there to try and network with didn’t really want to talk to me and it was awkward. I was getting very very frustrated and felt like I was failing at my role. Until the afternoon hit and people started to drink. Ok they didn’t just serve beer and wine, it was an open bar and they were smashing. I drank Pipers Champagne, because I could and it was free and tasty. For dinner they serve a piece of beef the size of my head and loaded it with a chunk of creamed butter…. anyone that was jewish had their meals serve in plastic containers to emphasis the fact it had not been contaminated by other foods, I found this amusing too.

I made friends with some people and had some good conversations, there also was a massive amount of staff available too. My boss was pleased that they started to notice me. I had fun too and pretended that I normally hang out at such places like The Breakers.

The next day we had some more conferences and it finished after lunch. My boss and I went swimming, as no one knew we were staying around the corner. The swimming pool was warm like pee. But I took off to the beach and played there, it was lovely. The resort supplied towels everywhere which patrons would use once then it would be washed, great carbon foot print here. There were young girls everywhere in skimpy clothes and sipping cocktails and older women who had obviously had new boobs. I blobbed around. They lay out in the sun getting sun cancer because it is cool and the leatheries with their new boobs do this too. I saw a young red headed girl concerned her tan was not even and I had to hold myself back from telling here that freckles joining up is not a tan. I listened to conversations and they were so out of touch with the world it was amazing. Although it was fun swimming and the weather was amazing I was glad to go hoe to Clive to have a normal conversation. i was told by a man that the english were good for Australia and otherwise it would of turned out like Africa. Again I had to bite my tongue and agree.

The flight home, my boss upgraded our seats so we could sleep. it was great we had lots of leg room and I could see into first class….which was $8000US a return flight to London….I think we paid $1000US.

I landed in time to skype my dad for his birthday as it was St Pats day. I was exhausted but I had some acupuncture which perked me up a bit.

Anyway here are my pictures…..


The 2 dark ones are of The Bradley Park, where I was staying the other 2 are The Breakers.