March was full of travel for me and full of work for Clive.

We started with the start of March taking a day trip to York. I believe I blogged about this before. York is a wonderful place to visit, I think it would be a lovely place to spend a weekend, especially in summer. We wandered the streets and gorgeous stores, then the remains of the abbey which is built amongst some lovely gardens that line the canal/river. there was a rowing race that have previously finished and the city centre was alive.

After the day spent in York we drove back to dreary London via Rugby. We stopped for dinner and a drink. Clive had to work on the Sunday so we couldn’t stay longer. On Sunday Clive went to work and I spent 3hours returning the car to Heathrow.

The following week I go to head to wonderful Paris again. It was with work and only for one evening. I said in the Opera quadrant. It was currently fashion week in Paris and I was unaware, which is a surprise as I am always up with the latest fashions….. If I knew I would of headed to the Louvre as one designer had set up a whole steam train as part of his catwalk experience. I did go out for dinner, which was for japanese opposite where I was staying. Their english was worse then my french so my small dinner became MASSIVE and I managed to order 1/2 litre of Rose’. I was a bit concerned when they brought out a soup to start with, I thought I really stuffed up. But luckily many asian restaurant have pictures with their menu items so I didn’t stuff up too much.

This is a picture of my dinner. It was delicious.

I caught the Eurostar to Paris, which I haven’t attempted before and it was a dream. It takes just a bit over 2hrs, leaves from St Pan’s in London and arrives in Garde Du Nord in Paris, no commuting from the airports, no baggage stuff, it was a dream. I highly recommend it.

So that was Paris done, it was very busy with work.

here are some pictures I quickly took on my walks….