In January my amazing mother turned 60. Sadly this was just another event I have missed since being in the Northern Hemisphere.

Being wonderful children we bought her a lovely pearl necklace. They are black pearls which later played out to the references about the black pearl in Pirates of the Caribbean.

I did however get to be there on Skype when the gift was given, it was late in the evening for Clive and I. We celebrated in London with some Gin. We then got some rest as they went out for lunch with the family and a few friends. Once they returned and partied on to late hours of the evening Clive and I were up making ourselves a big Saturday morning breakfast. Oh an was it funny. I had my family acting like lunatics on Skype. Sliding over floorboards, dancing and telling jokes. It did make me feel like I was there but I was glad none of my house mates were home to hear or see them, they might of thought twice about letting us move in.


I do have some photos that I took from screen shots on skype but I think I will save them for another day!