After Clive’s luxurious time off work he set his mind to getting a job.
At one stage he was short listed for a job at a bank in the loans and membership department. All of his family found this highly amusing.
After many online applications and faffing about he decided to cold canvas. This has always worked a treat to Clive and I (my mother swears by it too) so off Clive went one sunny day, CVs in hand, 6 in total. He dropped off 5 and scored 2 jobs. Where does he work?
The Castle, thus the title for this post “dale dug a hole”( if you still don’t get it then you have had a misspent youth and need to watch The Castle). Is where he chose to work. The castle also appears on the infamous movie Notting Hill and it is located on Portobello Road.
He loves working the bars. He loves the people the atmosphere and the hours. So here begins our separate hours again. Not long and he will be a manager which is quite exciting. I am very proud of Clive’s progress there. He was a bar attendant a month ago, then the customer service officer, then team leader/supervisor also in charge of the incentive scheme.
Last night he brought home a cured meat selection from work for me. It was for me to snack on whilst catching the Eurostar to Paris for work at a casual 7am. I am sure that would look good, I’d lean over to my boss and say “chorizo?”… Still it was really sweet he did that and those things are why we still hang out.

Oh hang on for my next post… Speaking of ridiculous, my mothers 60th via Skype!!!!!!

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