My apologise I left out another visitor we had before Rome.

An old friend from uni popped into London on her way home after completing a european adventure with her husband. Unfortunately her husband “Joelson” could not attend as he was on holidays from the army. They had just been apart for 6 months and instead of him coming to Australia for the break they meet in Rome. Very romantic.

Anyway my dear old friend is just as hilarious as she was 5 years ago. Yes it had been that long since we had seen each other.

Whilst she was here she embarked on the usual touristy things in London whilst I worked and Clive job hunted and interviewed as he was currently unemployed. NB: he was I will get to that later. We ate out quite a lot and drank a lot of wine… everyone likes to fatten me up I swear! We did go for a delicious meal at a Jamie oliver restaurant which was tasty, fresh and affordable! We also had a mini photo shoot due to one of my house mates being a photographer.

It was far too long between chats with my friend but I am glad to have an old friend like her. As for the title of the post it is in reference to this Youtube video of Elmo…

Also here are some pictures…..

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Ok the pictures are appearing a little jumbled but at least you can see them!