Ok so where was I?….

Ah thats right. We had just wander the Coleseum. For anyone else make sure you pre purchase your tickets. As we wandered I was amazed over the size that it was and the brick work…always with the brick work. It was also stripped down as they used bits of the structure to create other buildings.

Here are some great pictures….

Tired Clive before Gelato

Discovery of our 1st Gelateria

Clive happy after eating Gelato

Random statues we found on our walk to the Piazza Navona

Near the Trevi FountainBreakfast in Roma

Melinda branded apples - Clive is still waiting for gelato

More Gelato - cost about 2euro for 3 flavoursModern day roman graffiti.Breakfast in RomaColosseum - With a cute van out the frontInside the ColosseumInside the Colosseum

Looking out of the Colosseum to the Forum and surroundsI was just on the phone to the Pope to schedule lunchInside the Colosseum - getting creative here.

Just a large piece of carved stone work lying around, you know how they are just in every street and yard....Clive thinking about gelato