You know how I mentioned psycho bob.. Well….. I went to a place in south London to catch up with friends. Sad to say bob turned up. Obviously to see us because of the love… Ten he called a friend we were with and asked to speak to me. I thought maybe I am right… Everyone is good deep inside, yin and yang and all that. NO! Bob chose this situation to point put a debt I owed… Debt? In my old fashioned Australian maths 1+1=2…. Right? Apparently not. He then walked to the venue, as bob does, and escorted cliveos out of the pub to argue the fact, threaten some legal stuff etc… And then Clive was produced with a bill on the back of a scrap piece of paper… Nothing itemised. If I could do that I would be chuffed. Hey you! Give me some money! Here’s a bill. No sorry I man handled your girlfriend. No sorry I kicked you out. It was all a little bit serious and a little bit sad. But a great note we did catch up with fantastic friends and had a lovely night out… Next time we may not meet in the south….. Let’s meet at St Pancras my lovers xx