If you have read my earlier posts you would of read about the fiasco at Christmas with our previous landlord, let’s call him psycho nut bob. However this became a blessing in disguise. We were already thinking about moving on but with psycho nut bob sealing the deal we started our house hunt.
Which surprisingly took no time at all. We upgraded to the lovely Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. We now residue 5 short blocks from the infamous movie location of Notting Hill and the Portobello Road. We live in a diverse household with our landlord being an artist from Argentina, other hose mates include a Greek man, Brazilian man and a young Spanish woman. We are very comfortable where we are and although the rent is more we can get our weeks worth of shopping done for under £30 and before it was £50+ a week. The neighbourhood is quiet and safe. No buses roaring past, no sirens, no 2am domestics, double glazed windows and off the main road. Life is quite good.