Once we all arrived back to London from our frantic European escape it was time to face reality. Jolly was leaving on New Years Eve, Holly was due to depart on New Years day and Clive and I were to find a new home.
We did have our highly amusing and outgoing friend Tess coming to visit too. So once she arrived from Devon we all jumped on the long train ride to Heathrow to farewell the spider carrying Jolyon Briggs as he was flying back to Kenya to go back to Australia.
Then we rode the train back to the city ready for new years eve. Clive, Holly, Tess and I decided to get in for the fireworks.
We didn’t plan this too well. We headed in without and umbrella, a bottle of vodka and only one bottle of diet coke to mix it with. Holly had a bottle of champagne too. We did have cups but I left them at the airport!
Clive led the way from Trafalgar Square through the crowds. The close off sections of the street once it gets too full. The harbour side was already locked up. Pushing through one part of the crowd felt like I was being expelled through a juicer.
We located out position for the evening. Right in front of Big Ben.
Tess shortly after asked me what the time was.. I shrugged a small chuckle out for such a lame joke. 5 mins later she asked me the same question… She was actually serious. We were standing in front of one of the most famous clocks in the world and she didn’t think to look at it!!!!
Clive decided to locate some more mixers as straight vodka was a bit too rough. It started to rain… We were damp and cold.
Clive waited 20mins in a line for a shop. He asked what drinks do you have. The man replies only 4 drinks left. Clive asked what ones they were and the man held up 4 drinks. Clive was thinking they only have 4 types left. So Clive purchased the 2 bottles of water and 2 bottles of the most ghastly juice blend. This left a lot of people behind disappointed. We created some fabulous cocktails out of our supplies.
We laughed and chatted and then at midnight the clock exploded. On the 12th gong of big Ben the fireworks started. We could see the one on the eye a bit that were coming over a building but the ones that came out of the clock tower were fabulous and amazing. It last 12.5mins and a series of 40000 projectiles. Which is still far less then that of Sydney Harbour Bridge.
After this we drank champagne from the bottle, which we found very difficult. We ate a sausage in a bun from a road side BBQ, very tasty. Then was followed the crowds home…. Which also involved mounting a policeman’s bike and wearing his hat.
We wandered past a bar that was obviously a gay bar as nearly naked men were out the front in 2•c weather.
So that was how I brought in 2012!





The following day… New years day, Holly, Tess, Clive and I were to venture to Heathrow once again. This time it was to farewell Holly as she was due to fly back to Australia that evening.
It had been a fun and crazy evening but like all things, it had to come to an end. Tess loved her time with us as she got to go to Heathrow airport where we fine dined at the cafe’.

2011 had been a great year for Clive and I. It had also been a great year for the family and friends in our lives. Proposals were made, babies were born, hip were fixed, vows were exchanged, adventures we had and most of all memories were made. Bring on 2012.