We arrive back in England and decide to enjoy the rest of the day with the car and delay heading straight back to London. We thought a quick visit to Dover would be nice and see the infamous white cliffs of Dover. Also apparently the boys had been mentioning Dover since school in a nonsensical sense.
So Dover here we come. We drive around the very small town centre. Paid our parking and decide a coffee shop would be great.
Clive walked past a hot dog van and wanted that. I chipped him about coming to a quaint town and picking the van on a street for a meal.
We tried some slightly Italian named cafe as we thought perhaps they would have decent coffee. We wandered in and found a coffee table to squish around upstairs.
Holly and I went and ordered. The coffee machine was broken, I ordered a Devonshire tea which involved NO tea, a scone that had raisins in it that was dumped on my plate from a plastic wrapper, jam was tossed at me and when I asked where the cream was the response was, “we ‘avent got any ya want squirty cream…”, the customer service was of a very relaxed standard with the bluntness of a spoon. Holly ordered some nachoes and I got some for Clive. They said I’d be a wait, at least 10 mins. We asked for cutlery and she replied, “how are you going to use em for nachoes”, holly asks again can I still have them? We got our forks and as we walked off the lady yelled out don’t know why you want them for crisps n cheese.
Michael had a similar drama ordering his lunch too. He ordered from the menu and was told he was wrong, that he couldn’t have it.
Food arrives- nachoes consisted of Doritos, cheese dumped together in the microwave with a dollop of sour cream and salsa on the side. No meat, no beans.. Blah! For a town packed with old people Holly points out that at least they would manage to whip up fresh scones. Michaels meal wasn’t even what he ordered.
At this point we could only laugh.
We wandered outside and Clive gets a hot dog from the van he saw earlier and it was delicious and half the price. Holly also managed to insult the guy calling him old.
We were disheartened with Dover and tried to redeem it by visiting the Castle. Castle was closed… We decided to leave whilst abusing locals out the car window. After this we pulled into an area outside of Dover to look at white cliffs. It wasn’t much. So here is our hot travellers tip…..Never go to Dover!