The previous day we were pep talk by Mick to not drink and we can make the drive easy. Which is a far call as we were missing out on fun time too!
So away we went. It was a long drive but still fun. We left the car just outside amsterdam and got a cab to our accommodation in Leiderplaus or something like that. After we got to our accommodation we took a walk. It was if we were on a movie scene. Small streets, cobble stone, cyclists, weed and tourists. Very European!
We freshened up and hit the town. We first popped into a “coffee shop”. We did order coffee. I had an espresso.
You can also buy weed by the gram for €4. You really don’t need to buy any. Just buy a coffee and sit in the smokers section and you will get a high.
After this we went to the nearest restaurant, Italian, and had dinner. Pretty obvious what state we were in.
From here we were going on a pub crawl. We took a walk around the streets that were still decorated for Christmas. Europe is more christmasy than the uk. The movie “love actually” plays up that the uk is all about the Christmas. It’s full of shit, everyone works, are depressed and it is sponsored decorations. Anyway…..
It was great then came the pub crawl. I am 31 and was on a pub crawl with 18 yr olds with a shirt to prove it!
It was a really fun night out, we all let our hair down and danced the night away.
The next day we did not want to leave. Amsterdam is just a fun and friendly place to be. So visited one museum, the sex museum. We walked through the red light district. The girls were quite attractive, I was surprised since it was 12noon. But I did read the economy is hitting them too so they need to take it up a notch and do longer shifts. We also went to their central station and saw a huge amount of bikes. I think michael said over 300 000 would be there. We also wandered past their canals. It seriously was an amazing place that I must revisit.
So after a day wandering we were planning to drive to Bruges, but it wasn’t meant to be as it was all booked out, well the ones in our budget.
So Antwerp it was.
We drive to Antwerp and jagged 4.5 star accommodation. After being so worn out and getting in late we hung out in our rooms for the night and sampled my fine Patron tequila I had purchased on my trip to NYC earlier in the month.
The next morning we had to drive from Antwerp to Calais to get the 11am train back to the UK. I drove.
After a wrong turn we took the scenic route. It was really good that we did as the freeways are quite dull. We made it just in time. Then being stalled at customs, we missed it and waited for the next train. It was delayed. Stressing for no reason.
Next stop Dover, England.