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Many things have happened and changed for us in the UK.

Yes we had Jolly and Holly come visit for Christmas. We also had my cousin Michael share Christmas with us. It was a very enjoyable time. I did have our landlord show his psycho side and decide that that I was not welcome in his house (a room above the pub) and that I was a main factor why he was cheating on his girlfriend….either way I am still not sure what I did and it did upset me at the time. I hate when people are angry at me, also being a bit (a lot) sensitive at Christmas, unleashing at me on Christmas Eve and Day was not helpful and upsetting. I also got yelled at for wearing a onesie….seriously whats wrong with a onesie?

Although at the time this was very devastating for me, as it meant Clive no longer would work for them. It became a very positive outcome. We had decided to move in the new year, I just over-racted (don’t tell Clive I admitted to this).

So Christmas Day…… Michael got up early and prepared the stuffing for the turkey. The stuffing was a highlight of the meal. It comprised of mince, bacon, breadcrumbs, sage, apricots and onions. I was banned from the kitchen, due to previous landlord discussions, so I was unable to help cook the lunch or wash up….DARN!

The team pulled together and made a lovely lunch. Seriously the stuffing was sensational. We have never cooked a turkey before and it was gorgeous. It was quite expensive too, $50 (pounds, we have no pound key on the laptop). But we packed leftovers for our european road trip we were about to embark on the next day.

We laughed we drank and boy did we EAT! We had an early night as we were excited to get an early start for Paris in the morning.