He’s checking his list… Naughty or nice? You will be visited by Krampus not Santa if you giggled at post 69.
Anyway who knows who Krampus is? He’s an evil man who eats children if they are naughty. Look it up on wiki.
Predicted snow on Friday now not Sunday. I am making gingerbread this weekend and decorating the bear cave we call home. Most excited.
Tonight Clive and I wrapped some gifts and started to get excited!
Work is busy but I am getting the hang of it all. I get a week off for Christmas which is great and looking forward to relaxing.
Currently on the bus to London Bridge for a work function then off for dinner with my main man, Clive. We always try to do a Christmas dinner since we are normally apart… Even though we will be together I am not turning down a date.
We have a local fox living in the building site a few doors up. I just saw him again as I jogged to the bus stop.
Besides that New York was amazing and tiring and looks like my next business trip is Paris in February. It’s a hard life.
Here’s a picture of the boys I live with getting festive.