I am looking forward to December not only due to the fact we will have some people to share Christmas with, but I am just getting excited about all the lights and decorations!
I have already planned the gifts, except Clive’s, I’ll just make him a sandwich.
Work has been busier and busier which is exciting. Plenty of work functions coming up and they are always near or in landmark buildings. I went to the 02 the other night and watched the tennis which was a bit of a thrill. I do feel guilty with Clive slugging away at work whilst I get wined and dined. Maybe I’ll make him 2 sandwiches for Christmas.
I had a doctors appointment the other day and the doctor thought he would inform me that it looks like I have type 1 diabetes. Quite funny because she felt bad telling me but this was due to no medical record in the UK and she had received my blood work. I am generally healthy but have to focus more on lowering my cholesterol. My good cholesterol was high-ish. I have also managed to damage nerves in my hand from sleeping on it. But it self mends by not sleeping on it. I seriously think it is Clive who is sleeping on my hand. I wake up crushed by that big man.
Tomorrow we have a little mo party at the bar. Hopefully I can get some more money in for a good cause.
I have posted a few photos below for you to be envious of, they are mostly from being out and about at work meetings.

Love neat xx