Yesterday we had a lovely sunny Sunday. Blue skies, nice temperature and such a great day. I went for a walk and went to the gym. I had a really nice weekend even though Clive had to work all weekend.

I have also spent the weekend painting and creating a christmas tree which will probably get changed 1000 times before I settle on something. Then Monday came….

Grey skies, weird bleak mist and cold. This is not the worst of it. I think it makes it worse for me as I hear from everyone out in the sun, hitting the beach and having BBQ’s.

For us we haven’t been doing anything special except by plane tickets to Dublin in March and Rome in January. I can’t wait to do some more travel.

Work has been busy which makes the bleak weather days go fast. I seriosuly don’t know how civilisations have survived here and in colder places.

I am grateful for having a white christmas, well i hope it is cold and for being able to share it with some great people too. I am roasting a Turduckin for it.

This Wednesday Clive and I are heading to a massive toy store and seeing Christmas lights followed by a dinner out somewhere. We need to get out and especially Clive as he is very ‘pub-bound’. it will be great to do something fun!

Clive is also growing his moustache for Movember. If you haven’t donated, which most of EVERYONE hasn’t please do so via this link… http://mosista.co/MamaBear

Anyway stay tuned and all that…

Love Neat xx