It has just hit 11/11/11 and I am waiting up until 12:11 when it will be 11:11 in Australia so I can take a moment and take photo for a visual archive for ABC.
I think taking a moment is not much to ask.

I have been very busy in London and looking forward to Christmas.
Work is busy plus I been attending the gym doing exercise based activities. I have had to fast tonight for my regular blood work in the morning, good ole diabetes.
Clive has been working a lot and avoiding the gym. He is excited as next weekend he has a mate from school coming to London and his side kick Jol coming for Christmas.
This week I also spent all my money on flights. It was a sale I couldn’t say no! End of January to Rome for a weekend and then March we are flying to Dublin for about 5 days. I am itching to travel more and can’t wait!
Last month it was my sisters birthday and I look hopeless as all she got was a card and calendar from me as her main present is lost in the uk royal mail or Australia post! Shouldn’t of been a cheap skate and registered it.
Leading up to Christmas I am thinking of gifts to get a few select people. However due to being over here I am not sure how to do this… I am thinking of buying online and getting my mum to wrap and deliver? Any suggestions?
I am also planning a Christmas feast! So far we have a one litre btl of jack Daniels and baileys….. I am thinking Clive can do a big ham and we will have warm pudding and fruit mince pies…. What else is an English traditional Christmas dish? Need to plan this too! Really excited, can you tell? Oh I am also making the tree… Some how…..
Anyway must dash to post my photo and take a minute.

Neat xx