With the Rugby World Cup over things are starting to get back to normal here.

The pub is open again after a few weeks of closure. Clive is working away and I am slugging it out at the new job. We feel as if we are slowly getting back on track for our grand plans of being able to afford more travel and enjoy what the world has to offer.

I had a lovely evening last week which sadly I could not share with Clive as it was a work event. I got to attend the Royal Academy of Arts in London to see the Degas, Picturing Movement exhibition. Not only was I seeing this magically display of works at a magnificent building I was allowed to see it without the crowds. The event was for journalist and I managed to scrap in as a Content Manager. We started with champagne and the most smallest canapes I have ever eaten this preluded an opening talk by the curator. I was running late so I missed most of it! Most of the journalist stayed in the small room where the wine and food was. The didn’t seem to have the slightest interest in the exhibit. I did.

The front foyer was darkened with a the projection of a lit silhouette of a ballerina. It set the mood. I saw a range of paintings and bronzes and even works by Muybridge too. I tried to speak with a journalist there about the work, she looked me up and down huffed and walked off. This was the best thing that could of happened. The curator saw it and basically gave me a personal tour of the exhibit. Magic!

Over the weekend we got to catch up with my cousin, Michael Hanlon, at a cocktail bar. I did my usual by drinking too quickly and yet I had a blast. Lucky I needed to go home at midnight as we managed to get the last train out of that suburb home. I told Clive I planned it that way.

London is getting its spook on with the lead up to Halloween. And then there is Guy Fawkes Night which I hope to see some firework displays. You can buy fireworks in the supermarkets here too. I think its mad. But the Pom’s whinge about the fireworks available are not as good as they used to be. I don’t think they understand a bee has a sting and honey, find the positive out of any situation.

This weekend Clive and I get to join the gym, which is much needed for me. I have also ruled out gluten in my diet as most bad foods disgusted or sold as healthy contain gluten. Plus I feel great without it!

We have also registered for Movember so I expect to see some donations! With this I have organised a Mo Party at the pub on the last Sunday afternoon. More the merry as it means more funds and awareness to help give prostate cancer the finger (Mel told me that quote). Here is the link to our team if you wish to donate or join.



Love Neat xx