Today I basically stayed inside all day! Of course I was feeling a little sad about my cat. Also #SteveJobs had passed too.
I got offered a days work tomorrow but was proudly able to turn it down as I commence in just a few days.
Clive and I have been unable to duck away for a few days as most options were too pricey. We are planning a week away when I finish my 3 months. Possibly a few days in Spain and then a catch up with Henry and Steph, Clives brother and partner, in Rome.
Tomorrow we are heading to the new Westfield next to the London #Olympics. It is getting colder and colder each day so we need to buy a few warmer clothing items and another blanket. It is already snowing in Scotland!! We might even see some appalling movie Clive will pick out.
A new gym is opening up the road which we will both join so we will shop for sneakers, finally! I am feeling a bit better about the new job on Monday. The main person I will be working with sounds lovely and I don’t start until 10am on Monday which is great whilst I get the hang of the transport to work.
Oh well I am off to bed to watch a movie and be lazy. We have early starts this weekend with the rugby!
Love to all,
Neat xx

P.S. Mum don’t feel bad about the cat, he had a good run. Just just be careful he doesn’t nip your ankles when you pick apples from the tree. Xx