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I have been bragging about the whole Indian Summer that London has had my basking in. Today it got cold. Only about 17 degrees but a 10 degree drop in one day is a bit rough.

Clive hasn’t been working lately due to stuff with The Bear so we have had lots of time together to go fro walks and to read in the park. I will start my new job on Monday and I am complexed about my feelings towards this event. One hand I am nervous and dreading it in case I am awful at the role and on the other hand I am excited about working and basically earning some cash so I can travel more later on. Both of those feelings is probably not ideal to have when starting a new job.

I have also taken to growing plants in my room. I have beans growing, I hope to be able to climb it and find some golden eggs. I also have jalapeno plants too. Clive plays Sims on the computer all the time so I rarely get access now!

Strangely we have only heard news from Caro, Clive’s mother and the odd FB message from Clive’s Grandmother. We posted some cards out to different family members weeks ago, so I am guessing they haven’t arrived and I haven’t heard from my family in a few days and no news from my sister or brother in law yet in regards to the new baby and if it gets a name soon!

But no news is good news!

I suppose I can say nothing too exciting has happened here, I went to the doctor today to get something sorted for my diabetic health, all the doctors and nurses were short staffed and I got a prescription for my glucose meter strips, they only gave me a prescription for one packet…. I go through a packet in a week! You have to be accessed by a nurse to complete the registration at the medical centre but that will be some other day. We went there weeks ago and lost our paperwork. I wasn’t too fussed as once I am registered all my diabetic care is free! YAH!

Also we have been getting quite a few hits on the blog. One day we had 205 and today we had 64, so this is up from the usual 2-8 hits. Something weird was going on…!!??


Anyway I must go an do something, not sure what it is yet but I will find something like that……