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Yesterday was the hottest day in the UK for 100years and apparently today was the hottest day in October EVER.
It has only been hitting over 29 degrees so it is very amusing for us 2 Australians. Humidity is quite low too.
Yesterday we went to a bar which is situated on top of a car park in Peckham. It’s called Franks Campari Bar. It has gorgeous views of the City and lots of sculptures. It is an art initiative supported by the Henry Moore Foundation.
Today we went to the park and I had a really inconvenient hypo. It was a brief visit then we went to a gallery space to check it out. Tonight I sat down and watched X Factor. Wild Saturday night in London!
Clive is not working for the next 3 wks so we are trying to curb our spending. I have managed to score a Content MAnagers role in the finance sector. I commence the role on the 10th October. Since we are unsure when the next pay will be served up we must be good. However since next week is our last week off together if we are fortunate enough for Clives tax return to arrive we may have a quick get away. Fingers crossed because Spain would be amazing!
#RWC2011, it will be any early start in the morning to watch Ireland v Italy. We will also try and watchthe NRL match too, not sure where yet as it is not on free to air.
Great to see my mother commenting on the blog. Only took 3 mths!
I was all excited today as I was to pick up a package from the post office. I was imaging my loving family sent me a surprise or my pants that arrived a few days after I left Australia. (mum I am still waiting for you to post those pants). Instead I won a Bayer Contour Glucose Meter. Exciting for me dull for everyone else.
Anyway I am off to read a book on finance so I actually understand my role.

Neat xx