Hello fans!

Today I got to have a lovely Skype session with my siblings. I saw my heavily pregnant sister as she was preparing and waiting for the new arrival. Afterwards I got to have a good Skype with my brother and sister in law. My brother told me how my niece (sisters daughter) had it all sorted for the new arrival. My sister had to explain how when the baby comes that Grand or Doogal (her names for my parents) will have to come over to look after her and her brother. My niece explained that the Doctor should just call them when the baby was ready to be picked up from the hospital and she could answer the phone so then she will be ready for when Grand and Doogal are here and then her mum and dad could just pop into the hospital to pick up the new baby, meaning it won’t take that long and they will be able to come home shortly afterwards. Quite a cute story really.

Yes, I am still patiently waiting to hear of any news. Along with waiting patiently to hear about any news about the jobs I have applied for. Good news that I am being acknowledged by recruiters. I really want a chance to be interviewed for a role at Diabetes.co.uk as their Head of Content. I applied ages ago for the role but I applied again last night, it closed at 5pm today. They have just put out a great new mobile app for tracking your levels instead of using a log book, which is great as I always lose mine. I had contact with them on Twitter so I hope they will get familiar with my name and think, yes lets get this Anita Craw women in.

I went for a walk today and discovered a HUGE park and then saw 8 police officers with a ramming pole at a Barber Shop. People may say thats just city living. But when I was in Sydney I was not confronted with all of this violent nature that is so evident in London.

Tomorrow is Clive’s day off and it will be good to go out and do something! I have been looking at the Introductory Tour’s that are offered at the Victoria and Albert Gallery, it is one gallery that we have not visited. The base each Friday night tour on a theme/period tomorrow night’s theme/period is Medieval Ivories. I think it will be quite interesting. During the day I want to go to the Borough Markets too which is renowned for its selection of produce. It’s where all the cool foodies go.

Perhaps I will find some sneakers/runners/trainers too and I wander the City so I can break from a stroll to a bit of a pace. If my brother is walking 100km’s followed by a half marathon I should at least be able to crack 5km.

As an added note, if you are potential employer and have googled me for a bit of background, please understand this not a good example of my copy writing abilities, I dribble and ramble here.