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Awaiting news.
My sister still hasn’t had her baby and I am anxiously waiting to hear.
First time I felt really homesick. Sad face!
I think still being unemployed doesn’t help but on a good note it was lovely and sunny in London!
And we got a 42 pound refund from Sixt car rental since I complained about lack of customer service, yah. I have also been shortlisted for a job at amazon, it’s an hour and a half travel each way, and had more contacts from recruiters!
That’s about it back to watching the Devil Wears Prada on E4. Boring post I know! We are so dull! Feel free to post some comments and ask questions and we will reply!
Oh and fingers crosse on a role at Diabetes UK as their Head of Content, who else would be more suited than Anita Craw!

This is a bottle of wine I found, I have a whole villa in my name!