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Very exciting news, Clive and I now have a bed!
One of the girls who live above the pub with us has recently moved out, into her lovely 2 bedroom apartment overlooking the park. She lived next door to us and had a larger room too.
She kindly gave us her bed, king size and a few other bits of furniture too. It feels great to not be on the floor with an air mattress. We desperately need curtains as it is bright and loud in the room but I can imagine come winter it will be cold too.
Today Clive is rostered off and we are venturing down to a local cafe and gallery where they are having an open mic night for musicians. It will either be fantastic or an interesting experience.
I will also be waiting patiently for news on my new baby nephew or niece. My sister is due and it makes me home sick not to be there!
More good news is that recruiters are starting to take an interest in me and finally putting me forward for available roles. Hooray! Looking forward to joining the work force.