Before we jump into the Rugby World Cup I forgot to say that we saw the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace. Well we stood in a crowd when it was happening but couldn’t really see much! We also walked through St James Park and played with 100s of squirrels they run right up to you. So cute. And we walked through Hyde Park whilst they were blasting classical music from a walled up amphitheater, it was great because Clive, Holly and I felt as if we had a theme song or sound track to our walk!

Ok #rwc2011 as it is trending in the land of twitter. Clive has been getting up to watch the matches. Yesterday our landlord put his big screen tv in e function room for us and even cooked us breakfast for the Australia vs Ireland match. We got up and dressed in our green ad gold only to be disappointed. Especially when we are almost in for a try and it is passed to a camera man! But James Connor what a run down when Ireland broke away with the ball!
So Clive worked then hit the pub with the boys. I on the other hand headed to Southwark, pronounced Suthick. Artero Vega, artistic creator/director of the Ramones, now artist, was screen printing shirts for free in a pop up record store, they were also recording on vinyl for bands too. I was the first person there. I thought there would be more! Any got a shirt screened and signed and a few pictures taken. It was fun and a good way to explore London.


Also on the way to the shirt screening the bus went past a young bloke in a safari suit, panama hat and magnifying glass holding a sign have you seen my elephant and was asking everyone that went past, quite funny so I took a picture for you all.

Neat xx