Shortly after our visit from Age we had another visit from home, Holly. Holly was on her way to Mombasa, Kenya to see her fiance’ Jol. They got engaged 2-3 days before he flew out for 6 mths and it had been 2 mths since he was gone.

London isn’t on the way to Kenya, she had to fly from Dubai to London then back to Dubai to get to Kenya. It was really nice of her to add on 14hours travel for us!

You may have read previously I chickened out on the London Eye on our first day here, well I did it! I sucked it up and nailed it. It isn’t as tall as the Eiffel Tower but still a bit scary. You are locked in glass bubbles over the Thames. I felt bad for not going with Clive the first time.

Holly was hoping that we could go to Paris but it was too expensive. We found out that book last minute rail in the UK and it’s cheap, book last minute anything to Paris and it costs a mint! I felt really bad that we didn’t/couldn’t go.

We shopped a far bit in London, well Holly did and we also went to our first West End show. We saw The Lion King and it was fabulous! I saw it in Sydney about 8-9 years ago and it is just as wonderful! It was really nice being there and made us sing all night (after the production).

We then went to St Paul’s Cathedral. A place where I chickened out to walk to the top dome and a place I cried. This time I didn’t cry and I didn’t chicken out! I walked to the peak and I would do it again in a heart beat (I will probably still need some hand holding to get there though). I also lit some Penny Candles for friends and family. Clive lit one, he said it was for himself.

Everywhere we went with Holly she pointed out all the stairs…There is about 400-450 to St Paul’s, I think? In the pub where we live there is 3 flights to our room and another one for bathroom and kitchen. And all the Tube stations are up and down lots of steps.

We decided to catch a train to the South East Coast of England. We took it to Broadstairs then stayed in Margate. When we got there the seaside is lined with arcades. They have pokie machines and skill testers. So armed with bags of pennies we played and then thought we would walk to our accommodation. It was up a huge hill. When we arrived it was a cheap place and had all this tacky decor which was amusing and we were at the top of 69 steps. Holly lost it when the man was showing us up there as the steps never ended, she kept giggling and I think  the man thought she was strange.

That night we went to find an Italian Restaurant we looked up and got lost but found a Greek/Italian Restaurant. The food and atmosphere was fabulous and the man was geared for hospitality. After cocktails, red wine and limoncello we heading back up the hill to a casino. Upon entering the got the manager to show us around….it was quite small so this was a bit un-necessary. We played Black Jack for a while and Holly developed an addiction to Perfect Pairs, then we hit the Roulette table. It was very fun. After this we hiked out 69 steps to bed.

The next morning we headed back to London as Clivey had to work at 5 whilst Holly and I went for dinner with Sam, our housemate and Clive’s boss.

The next day was the last day Holly was here as she was flying out at 10pm for Dubai, then Nairobi arriving at her final destination, Mombasa. I went shopping with Holly around Regent and Oxford Street. We had already taken her to Harrods on a previous day (there was an Opera Singer on the stairwell in there and it wasn’t packed like last time). Holly bought shoes and dresses and it was fun to have a girly day. She also spoilt me with a Nica handbag fro Topshop which has different compartments for all my diabetic needs! Clive was later given a book at the airport (which he finished in 2 days). I have noticed the shops in London are always too bloody hot! Seriously get some air flow going! We were planning to go to the Tate Modern but this didn’t eventuate as shopping is more important.

After been worn out we headed back to the pub and Holly packed. She actually had to buy another bag to take all her shopping in.

The 3 of us had one last drink together (for now) and caught the train to Heathrow where we dined on pre-made salads from Boots and a Krusty Kreme diabetic coma donut. Holly left us at about 9pm so she could squeeze in a bit more duty free shopping before her flight.

I was sad and homesick again to see her go but I was also very tired and worn out and being a brat.


Oh and my iPhone miraculously started working again, I got a desk from the cellar for our room, we are still on the air mattress but hopefully getting a real bed on the weekend when the landlord’s sister moves out!

I am still job hunting but it will all work out, in the mean time I am updating the content and social media for the Bear. At least employers will think I have current experience. I have been told my skill set is out of date and perhaps look at running a pub….. NO THANK YOU, BBBC scarred me for life.

Oh and hopefully this Saturday I will be getting the Art Director of the Ramones screen printing a t’shirt for me!

Feel free to post comments as I always LOVE receiving them and getting your little messages no matter how cheeky they are.


Lot of love,


Neat and Clive xx