Well long time no post!

We have had a few visitors here in Ole’ London Town. I had an old friend from Uni, Benny Mac, stop through with his wife, Ros. We had a delightful lunch at a cafe’ near the Marble Arch and caught up. It was the first time I was meeting his wife and she was a lovely and relaxed person. They had just travelled for 30days throughout Europe seeing the sights. Ben was looking forward to going back to Adelaide and relaxing! The also went to the Gordon Ramsay restaurant and paid 52 pounds for 2 glasses of Champagne. However, they did say the food and service was spectacular and they have their wine lists on a iPad. Fancy Schmancy! It was nice to duck into the City to do lunch. I had a fabulous pasta and a glass of Rose’. When I was leaving them they were basically heading directly to the airport and I was stuck in a lovely London downpour, thankfully I was wearing my trusty Gore-tex jacket.

Recently we had my friend Age, Adriana Nasato, come to visit. We caught up with here for a few hours a month before when she was passing through London after Italy to start a month journey in the land of Contiki.

Age had just been touring through Italy for the second time, Austria, Amsterdam, Bruges, Berlin and a far few places in between. I met her in Manchester. I caught an early bus on the Sunday morning and we headed to a soccer match. It was the Bolton vs Manchester City. When we arrived Age was decked out in her Man City outfit but shortly had to cover it up. We went to stop at the pub and we weren’t allowed in as it was a Bolton Home match and the security was very serious in telling us, NO AWAYS! The nearby rail station was covered with police on foot and horse back. We then realised they section of home and away supporters inside, no co-mingle here!

Age had to compose herself when her team was winning. The roar coming from the Man City ground was amazing and they sung the whole time and the Bolton supporters just cheered once or twice….pretty intense ground. When we left the police were everywhere and fortunately another girl who came with us, Lauren, (from Cambelltown, AUS) had here brother to pick us up. We then went back to his place and he cooked us a lovely meal and gave us a can of Fosters. Afterwards he dropped us off to the hostel we were bunking at. He said he likes to help out fellow Aussies and his sisters friends. Very nice man. It was great to be at a home!

Age and I shared a single bed at the hostel, I had to be smuggled up! The next morning we got on another bus and set sail for London.

At this point I was just starting to get a cold and buy the time I got to London I was pretty worn out and so was Age. The next few days we ventured around London but mostly were worn out and the weather was AWFUL! We did have one good day where we walked around Westminster Abbey and took lunch in the park. Somewhere here I managed to get my iPhone wet and it died a slow death.

I also had an interview for a role at an digital agency on one of these days and later was told I was unsuccessful.

After Age left I got slammed with either another cold or the continuation of the first and Clive also started to become an espresso drinker. He hates the taste but it keeps him going as at 4-5am each morning I was barking like a dog and whinging about the bruising in my throat and inability to breath.

I am pleased to say only 3 wks after the first signs I am feeling a lot better.

It was great to have a friend here, it made me a little homesick but I can’t have the best of both worlds!