Since Clive and I are no longer travelling around the country our blog posts will be a bit more sporadic as there is not much to tell or maybe we are just becoming accustomed to the loveliness and hardness of London.

We caught up with Steve Laybutt, Clive’s mate, and went on a tour of Lord’s Cricket Ground.

Even though I am not an avid cricket fan I did enjoy the tour. I was amazed to learn of Real Tennis. Or as Australian know of it… Royal Tennis. The world champion for this is an Australian from Tasmania. (Caro here’s something to brag about). It is an amazing sport, kind of between squash and tennis with rules that seem made up. Also referred to as “the sport of Kings”. Quite amusing I do a cricket tour and get excited about a different sport. Lord’s is the location where the main court is for London.

The media centre was very impressive and to learn of the building constraints the architects had to deal with. It had to not block the view through to the trees, deal with the original buildings surrounding it, not piss off or block the groundsmen sheds and had to be built off site as they didn’t want the matches disturbed throughout the year.

Afterwards we grabbed a bite to eat near Russell Street station as Steve had to head off and meet a mate. Clive and I headed back to the pub.

After this we were fairly quite for a week or so. I caught up with a friend and his wife who had just spent a month travelling through Europe and with me not working we had to watch funds. It’s easy to lose track as we love eating out, but we curbed that and we seem fine on our budget.

Anyway I know this entry is brief but I am trying to roll out a few video edits for everyone.