Ok, so the title has nothing to do with the post, but I just couldn’t help myself.

Where were we? Ah Paris!

We stayed a lovely few days with Tony and Pru but they had another guest coming so we had to relocate for our last night, which was fine. We stayed at a Mecure in Gare du Nord. This is opposite a main railway station so it was handy to get there the next morning to catch our flights back to London.

I shouldn’t be writing this I am getting all muddled.

Thats right! This was the evening we laid around the base of the Eiffel Tower.

We actually booked into our accommodation early and had an afternoon nap. Seems like a waste, but it was so nice to do it. Since we had been staying at Tony and Pru’s we were getting up early and to be bed quite late, plus I had been so excited I was in Paris that I didn’t sleep!

We went for an evening walk and grabbed dinner at McDonalds. Seriously we did, in Paris they have a different menu with tasty salads and serve beer too. So we had this then we decided to grab a bottle of the French wine, only 3 euro. TASTY!

We wandered to the Champ de Mars (gardens at the base of the Eiffel Tour) we sat around and watched the sunset over the Tower as it came alive with glittering lights. Very romantic except for the souvenir and booze sellers.

We really enjoyed the evening. Next time we will take a picnic dinner and settle there.


We also noticed when we walked to the Champs du Mars was the “Fat Bike tours” which a friend of mine has done and said it was great you ride in the Parisian traffic on a guided bicycle tour and you feel quite safe.

The next day we were to depart France until further notice. We walked home that night and grabbed a crepe, I got a hazelnut one and Clive got a Nutella and banana one.

Oh and the plane ride home was quite shaky but I was big and brave and didn’t get nervous at all.