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Sorry for the lack of posts. Been a bit busy applying for jobs and Clive working. I will keep them coming this week.
Also thanks forth thoughts on the riots. It has quieten down now. Although we still don’t want to be put after dark. We live in Camberwell which is between Brixton and Peckham so we were in the middle. The pub we live above was broken into, just a smash and grab for booze and we were locked in for 2 days.
The area reminds me on the most western end of city/king road in Newtown. It’s not that bad but it’s no Vaucluse. We walked to the City on Wednesday and on our way back there were police everywhere making sure they were seen. Yesterday we went to the movies at a great cinema in Brixton called The Ritzy Picturehouse…(saw Captain America in 3d). We took a short cut to get there and went through the housing estate and back street markets, not the best idea but it wasn’t deliberate! We saw how poor some people are yet we saw how community orientated they were too. When in the middle of Brixton it is really nice with a great vibe. We saw a lot of boarded up windows and broken ones. In a few weeks I think it will be safer to go out, but for now I am happy to be home before the street lights come on.
On a sad yet humorous note, a man was out the front of the pub sitting down having a cigarette with his beer. Doing a bit of work or surfing the net on his laptop, all sweet right?
He goes inside and uses the bathroom, then… He’s shocked to find someone knocked off his laptop. He left it sitting outside a pub, no other patrons were out there, no cameras, and we have just had a week of looting… He wonders why it got stolen! I think he was doing a sneaky insurance job.
Speak soon,
Neat xx