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So we had fun at the Louvre and all was great! I am trying to think of what we did the next day…..oh thats right. We thought we would spend the day walking to the Champs-E’lysees towards the Arc de Triomphe. We took the Metro, which we had been finding very easy to use its on the same system as the London Tube but even easier!

We wandered along and came across all these fountains and massive statues, fountain and a huge obelisk. We discovered it was the Place Charles de Gaulle . It is consists of a very confusing intersection and monuments dripping in gold.

Fountain at Place Charles de Gaulle

Fountain at Place Charles de Gaulle

Place Charles de Gaulle

Place Charles de Gaulle - we tried to get a better shot with the Eiffel tower in the background but that was risking death by the crazy traffic.

We kept going at this area marks the start of the Avenue Champs Elysees. We walked through some lovely gardens which are parallel to the walking path. The footpath next to the avenue itself still had some metal fences up and a fair bit of rubbish about. It eventually occurred to me this was the aftermath from the Tour de France which had finished on the Sunday prior.

Within the gardens there are many avant garde statues. we stopped and ate crepes, well I had a crepe and Clive had a hotdog.

We came upon the shopping district which is the motherland for Hermes, Chanel and Dior. Their stores are oversized and overpriced. We stopped in and bought Clive a couple of shirts on the avenue and window shopped. We also found a store stocking guns, not rifles but military weapons (gun laws must be relaxed here).

It was about this time I had a little trip and stumble and thinking “Oh no I have just trod in dog poo”, as it is everywhere here, more so than London. And I looked behind, I had just slipped on a whole gherkin. Not just a bit of gherkin from your McDonalds burger or whatever, but a WHOLE sized pickled gherkin. Very strange but relied I didn’t have poo on my shoe.

Clive was powering ahead, he seems to manage the crowds I get tousled and pushed behind, eventually Clive notices that I am missing. We came upon the Arc de Triomphe. It was a lovely sight. You can climb it but we just enjoyed looking at it from ground level. You have to also go through an underground walkway to get to it.

The avenue is packed with a mixture of cars, luxury sports to large vans. It is the only place in the world your car insurance is void as it is very busy and careless drivers too. We wander off an avenue to a little cafe to sit and people watch. Clive got a beer that cost 9 euro and I had a glass of wine that cost 5euro. Keep in mind you can get a really nice bottle of red wine in France for about 2.5euro.

After this we decided we were going to go for dinner at a place we found in the Lonely Planet guide called the “Spaghetti Bar”. I felt like I needed a new dress and had see ONE in a shop window that was still on sale. We walked, we shopped. I bought 2 pairs of shoes. I shopped, nothing would fit or flatter. Then I came upon a store with an in-house stylist. And I SHOPPED! I bought a whole new wardrobe for about AUD$600. I started to sweat and get nervous paying as fund were low. But good ol’ Clive was encouraging me and said its all good because he felt like he was definitely getting the job he was interviewed for in London. I have never really blown out on shopping. Occassionaly yes but the amount of clothes I was buying was ridiculous. I bought the lot. At least now I don’t have to live in my jeans and black singlets! Feeling strange we went for cocktails at this lovely Italian place near Tony and Pru’s. I had a very potent cocktail that consisted of Cointreau, tequila and 24 carat gold. Yes, I drank gold flakes. I also had a lychee martini. Clive had a Long Island Iced Tea and something else with Rhum (That’s how its spelt in french). It was happy hour, so we were happy and it cost us the same for 4 drinks as it did for 2 on the Champs Elysees.

After this we decided to go home and relax. We went out for dinner with Tony and Pru and I got to wear my new clothes.

We were planning to go to Disneyland the next day but after a long and expensive day we thought we would leave it for another day.