Last night we arrive in Paris at 10pm. We has lined up accommodation with the lovely Tony and Pru and we were excited and nervous in the one breath.

The flight only last for 1.5 hours from London. We really are close!

We had to get a taxi when we arrived as the train line from the airport had closed for the evening as we couldn’t pick up our bags until 11pm.

We were nervous waiting for our bags because we had to check them in at another location and the baggage attendant managed to pass Clive his boarding pass too quickly before it fluttering away down the baggage shoot. This made the next 15minutes a little stressful.

Anyway we had arrived in Paris after flying with Air France. We got a 50euro taxi to Tony and Pru’s apartment in the 3rd quarter. After a warm welcome, a hot cup of tea and an unbelievably comfortable sofa bed to sleep on I tossed and turn with the knowledge I was in PARIS! I also bought a Rituals 100% Organic Cotton Kimono at the airport and I was in a bit of shock how comfortable it was. I woke up early contemplating that I would throw out all of my clothes and only wear Organic Cotton.

After I dressed in drab cotton blend Tony, Clive and I walked down to the patisserie for breakfast croissants

After a strong coffee and croissant be set off for the Eiffel Tower.

Arriving at the Tower is quite confronting it. It is a very large and dominating structure and stands at 350m high (give or take a few). We queued up for an 1.5hrs and we were in the lift line. The sommet was closed and we could only go to the 2nd platform. I was happy with that since I have the whole fear of heights going on. We jumped in the lift and I think I freaked out about 20m off the ground. I told Clive I was getting off at the first platform and heading back down.

The lift doesn’t stop at the first platform. It slows and then it keeps going. Here I was starting to shake like a leaf and on the 2nd platform. I was so scared. Then I took a nervous step out, then another. Before I know it Clive had convinced me to queue for the sommet. I lined up thinking it would take so long that Clive would get bored and head back down. It was closed earlier due to congestion then it was open again but meant to be a 45minute wait. It took 10minutes and I was shot to the moon. I had to close my eyes and cling to Clive but at least the lift operator didn’t laugh at me like the first one.

Here I was, ME, at the top of the iconic Eiffel Tower. They actually have a Champagne Bar there that sell glasses of bubbly for 10 euro a glass. I think it’s because they have the monopoly on the market there.

When we travelled back down and I managed to open my eyes in the lift (it has glass panel walls). I am so brave and when we stopped again at the 2nd level I felt like it was nothing compared to the sommet.

Afterwards, I went back towards to Tony and Pru’s in the Marais and got a haircut and colour. This was also fun as only one person there spoke any english and it was heaps of fun explaining what I wanted and listened to him trying to explain to me his ideas.

Tomorrow the Lourve.

Sweetdreams Paris. xx