Camping at London is odd.

We had booked at a campsite but arrived the night before at 12am. After night sleeping in a car was spent. The morning came and we quickly checked in, set up camp and jumped back in the hire car to take it to Heathrow as it was due to be dropped off. We got to Heathrow in a timely manner and spent the next 1-2 hours driving around and around and around. We even asked for directions and go a google map of the Thirty drop off, it was just outside the airport near the Sheraton. Finally we found it and dropped the dam thing off! Thank fully they didn’t charge up for dropping it off so late.

We went to Maccas over the road, YAH, and did a bit of net work. We also got to Skype with Tanya.

After this we headed back to our camp. I just wanted to wash clothes, my skin and hair followed by a good meal and a restful nights sleep.

The lady at the kiosk said I couldn’t get cash out even if I made a purchase, I nearly cried in front of her, I just wanted to use the washing machine. After a tearful shower I gave up, ate some food and crawled into bed with a book.

The next morning I was delighted to see my first up close and alive squirrel and I noticed there was a warren of rabbits living there too. It was a good start to the day. We heading into Walthamstown to use the internet (we hopped between a Maccas and a pub hoping they wouldn’t notice we weren’t spending any money there and that we were using their electricity). We need to job hunt and sort out things for Paris.

We also got money for laundry. We headed back and I went for a run. I ran 2.26miles. Not bad it was the first time I have gone for a job in a very, very long time. Then a shower and I washed all the mud from all of my clothes it was so good it was almost spiritual. I used the drier and shrank more of Clive’s clothes. We were all sorted.

The next day was an early start to the British Museum. We had been there once before for about 3 hours but we hardly saw anything there. On our way we discovered M&M World. 12 pounds later on M&M’s we made it to the Museum. WOW! I love the British Museum, the stole so much stuff off other civilisations. We feel we actually need to go back another 3 times to believe we have seen all of the current and permanent exhibitions.


Worn out we went home. The next day began frantically, well I relaxed with a morning jog while Clive slept in and then he got annoyed as the Tri-Nations match was about to be on and we were planning to watch it at a Walkabout Pub near Camden Town. The bus we took was slower and longer then normal. We ended up at the closest pub so we didn’t miss a second. This made Cliveos happy. After the rugby we head back into London to go to the Tate Britain. I was impressed with this Tate but I definitely prefer Tate Modern. If you can only pick one to go to. Go Tate Modern. We used an Audio Guide which was actually a bit light on compared to the Modern. We had a fun day and just as we decided we had enough Clive gets a call on him mobile.

In the Gallery and Clive’s mobile phone is blaring away. And knowing Clive’s luck it was a job interview. Clive had applied for quite a few two days ago. He wasn’t even sure which one it was.

So it was all booked for Monday at 4pm as we were flying out to Paris on the Tuesday for the week.

I had heard from jobs too. All just the generic rejection email.

Very excited we headed back to camp as we had to head out the next day to our accommodation near Heathrow.

The next day was long. We had to sort ALL of our gear as we were carrying way too much to physically carry so we packed the best we could, culled a few items and hauled it to Heathrow. Once we got there we swung a camp to a little place just in Harlington called easyHotels. The room had no windows and was an absolute box. We were here for 2 nights until Paris. It was cheap and that made us happy.

I went for another run. I am trying to reverse my extra luggage I am carrying and it makes me a little nicer for Clive. At the accommodation you have to pay 5 pound for the TV for 24hrs and pay for wifi. We did both. I showered and scrubbed until I felt refreshed and then applied for a load of jobs at the Tate and BBC.

The next day after m,y run we headed into the Oval area, as this was where Clive’s interview was. It is in South London and quite central. We bought a new shirt for the interview and off he went. He was being interviewed for a waiting job at a pub that served French English Cuisine and prides itself on still being privately owned. Most pubs now are under the Wetherspoon or Lloyds franchise brand. I sat over the otherside and read whilst Clive was being interviewed, I know that seemed weird but we thought it was just for a waiting job and better then me waiting outside pacing like a weirdo. Next thing you know “Sam” is showing Clive and I the room we could live in if we wanted to, it was a double double-sized room. Massive with cupboards and floorboards. Anyway so they are calling Clive when we get back from Paris for a 3 hour trial shift and if he can display he has the abilities he said he has in the interview and CV we can move in and we will have a home and 1 job. We felt positive especially since we had wrestled with the Piccadilly line all morning, packed and sweaty. Clive told me all about the interview and his different questions Sam had asked. It wasn;’t until we got online back at the box we discovered Clive was just interviewed as the Assistant Manager of the pub. So well done Clive.


The next morning I went for a run and came across an op shop. It is here I bought a port on wheels for our excess baggage we were not taking to Paris that evening. Tanya told me about paying to storing some of our luggaging instead of having to through it out. We had all our camping gear to deal with.

So we packed and sweated in the box and then turned up at Terminal 4, Heathrow.

We arrived at 10:30 and our flight is at 20:10. We can only check our bags in 3 hours before our flight. We are stuck on the non-duty free side of the terminal. It has been a long day. But well spent as I have spent all day catching up on my blog posts as this is where I am as I type. Dad has just messaged me about the death of Margaret Olley, the TV here are showing the funeral of Amy Winehouse and the Norwegian tragedy. With all this sadness around me I selfishly can’t help but to smile. I am happy to be here with my best friend, laughing as I try an remember where I have been and getting jitters about where we are going. Alas I must go, Paris awaits. xx