We took the main roads to Exeter as we had to check in at a caravan and camping ground before 5pm. Our site was located 15 minutes outside of Exeter at a little town called Woodbury.

Along the way we drove through Bristol ( I got us lost there) which was tetterign with multi colours homes all in a row, we also drove through Weston – Super -Mare we laughed at the tide so far out that parents could barely see their children on the water edge as they sat and ate chips on the seat at the start of the “beach”. The sand wasn’t sand it looked more like black mud too. It did look like a fun place to stop but there wasn’t a car park in sight.

Again we kept on truckin’ to Woodbury. Showers were a’waitin.

We arrived at this quaint little village of Woodbury. If we end up working at Exeter I would make us live here. The camping ground, was green and clean. I had a long hot shower and felt like a million bucks.

After pitching our tent and cleaning our filthy selves we went for a very enjoyable walk through the village, past the butcher with the slogan out front “home-killed” and settled into a local pub (Woodbury has 2 pubs). We ordered dinner. I had Plaice and chips, I learnt it was fish and the staff don’t class salmon as fish. I asked if they had any other fish they served and all 3 said, no. I was looking at the chalkboard advertising Salmon. Clive had baby Unicorn. Let me explain, here in the UK they love ham steaks, now I find they items should only be used in slapping for novelty purposes. In the UK they call the Gammon Steaks. I had NO idea what a Gammon was…… until Cliveos ordered one. I still swear they are slices of a baby unicorn.

I believe we also powered through some local strawberry ciders and a bottle of cheap rose’. (no wonder I was gaining weight!)

Afterwards we wandered home and feel into a deep slumber.

Morning time arrived and we went to town to check out a few stores and look for a 50’s style outfit for the dress up day at Larmer Tree Festival.

We discovered Exeter was ANOTHER walled city. The main shopping area is just built around the 1500yrs or so old wall. Such a hoot.

Later that day we had the chance to catch up with a friend, Tessa. We met Tess in Newcastle when she dated our old housemate for a while. Tess took us down the canal area of Exeter for dinner. It was a great old building that sold these humongous pizzas. We had one with duck and the other with chicken. Again, I wonder why I was putting on weight, all this food and no exercise whilst we had a car.

We had a beer or two and then we wandered along the canal. The canal had swans and ducks. The ducks were funny as they kind of stalked you for food and the swans glided over to us as well.

Tessa took us for a drive out of town to some kind of look out area. I know it sounds dodgy doesn’t it. We couldn’t find it but we did drive past a man in a car with a camera on a tripod focussed on his car….it was dark and “seemed” alone. Strange.

We then went to Tessa place and had a sticky beak and met her housemates MASSIVE dog called Zeus. Zeus is a Ridgeback. But he was actually bigger than a Ridgeback, it was if he had Great Dane in there too. Or maybe the Brits just breed their animals larger here, like the seagulls. Clive and Zeus fell in love. It was very hard for them to part.

After a great night out, thank you Tess!…. we fell into a deep slumber back at lovely Woodbury.

The next day we were to head to Larmer Tree Gardens near Salisbury, another walled city, for the Larmer Tree Festival.


I forgot to mention, Woodbury had the BEST secondhand store I have come across. Everything was so cheap and so unique. Lace gloves, original 1920’s clutch bags, orchid brooches all for a pound or 2. Anyone near Woodbury pop in and have a look. It is only small but full of fun and gorgeous pieces. I also got some new sabel paint brushes for 50p each.