Winding back past Cardiff and the welsh border we waved good bye to the bi-lingual road signs and headed to Bath. Once again we were surprised by the surrounding environment we drove through.

We have been learning to take the smaller roads. Although it was making the drive longer and slower, due to some single lanes, we get to see the countryside and not the cement ribbon that wraps the countries together.

My sister, Tanya, recommended Bath or perhaps she was just recommending a Bath. Either way we discovered a lovely town. It reminded me of York. Yes it was another Roman city and Walled City.

The name Bath is from the thermal springs that are evident there and they were Roman Baths and have been built over so many times it is hard to see the original Baths.

We wandered only for a little while since if was fast becoming evening. We located a Wetherspoons Pub for dinner. They always have Wifi (except the one at Heathrow Airport, T4). The kitchen wasn’t really working but Clive managed to get a lovely big Caesar Salad with Warm Chicken and I had a Tomato and Basil Soup with crusty bread roll. (My uncle Hugh recommended that when travelling, the soups are always half decent and cheap, he is very right!)

Afterwards we realised we had no accommodation and were rapidly becoming tired. Bring on the caffeine! We threw down a DC (diet coke) each and head to the cinema for a 2.5 hours movie. Well, Clive suggested that we catch a movie otherwise we would just be hanging out in the car and the sun doesn’t set until after 10pm. We went and saw Transformers 3 in 3D. I thought it was ok, I thought the bum scene at the start was just to draw the lady lovers in at the start so they focus and hope they get some more.

After the movie we drove just out of Bath and parked upon a hill that looked over the outskirts of Bath and the rolling hills. We also saw our first moon and stars that night since arriving. We had either been too far north and the sun only dips below the horizon or it has been cloudy.

The next day we rose, Clive rested, me with a new pair of cranky pants on. I woke at every noise throughout the night as I re-anacted every urban myth ghost story in my mind over and over again whilst I slept. Again, Clive thought it was great and a fantastic adventure to have.

We went back into Bath to have look around. Bath reminds me of York but a lot more expensive. There is also a lot of beautiful people there too. Quite friendly. We were amazed with each corner we turned around and each lane we wandered we would stubble across a grand church, an elaborate cathedral, a master of a building. If you are not interested in architecture or history or just beautiful things then DO NOT come to the UK and definitely not Bath.

I believe we finally got to wash some clothes in Bath too. At a laundromat. Not in the baths. We didn’t go into the Baths as there were large tour groups crowding us out and as I mentioned before I had some cranky pants happening.

The day ended with us heading to Exeter in South England. We had booked a tent pitch at Woodbury. I was excited about a shower.


Added note; we drove past a pub called the Barley Mow.